161 It’s a good idea for sb to do sth 对…… 来说是个好主意

  162 It’s important to sb 对某人来说很重要 eg: It’s important to me

  163 It’s time to do sth It’s time for sth 到了该去做某事的时间

  eg : It’s time to have class It’s time for class 该去上课了

  164 join = take part in 参加

  165 just now 刚才

  166 keep +sb /sth +adj /介词短语 让什么保持什么样?

  167 keep out 不让 …… 进入

  168 keep sb adj 让……保持…… eg: I want to keep my mother happy keep healthy 保持健康

  169 key to +名词 表示:某物的钥匙或某题的答案

  170 key to… anser to … key 可以是答题或钥匙

171 laugh at… 取笑…… eg : Don’t langh at others We langhed at the joke

  172 learn by oneslfe 自学

  173 learn from sb 向某人学习 eg: We should learn from Lei Feng

  174 learn to do sth 学做某事

  175 let sb do sth 让某人做某事

  176 Let sb down 让某人失望 eg : We shouldn’t let our farents down 我们不应该让我们的父母失望

  177 live from :离某地远

  178 live in +大地方 /at +小地方 居住在某地 eg: I live in LuZhou She lives at XuanTan

  179 look after = take care of 照顾 照看

  180 lose one’s way 谁 迷 路 eg : Lose your way 你迷路

  181 make a decision to do sth 决定做某事

  182 make friends with sb 和谁成为朋友 eg : I want to make friends with you

  183 make it early 把时间定的早一点

  184 make on exhibition of oneself 让某人出洋相

  185 make sb /n +n 使什么成为什么 eg : I made her my step moller I made you my wife

  186 make sb /sth +adj 使某人(某物)怎么样 eg : You must made your bed clean

  187 make sb /sth adj 使某人/某物怎么样

  188 make sb do sth 让某人做某事 eg : I made him write 我以前让他写

  189 make up be made up of (被动语态)由……组成

  190 make…difference to…

191 mind sb to do mind one’s doing 介意……做什么

  192 most +名 most of +代

  193 much too +形容词

  194 must be 一定

  195 need +名词

  196 need sb do sth 需要某人做某事

  197 need to do (实义动词) need do (情态动词)

  198 no /neithr of hate to do no /neithr of hate doing

  199 no +名词

  200 not anymore = no more 再也不…… eg: He didn’t cry any more He cried no more 他再也不哭201 not… (形 、副)at all eg: He’s not tall at all she doesn’t junp far at all

201 try…试衣服 have a try 试一下

  202 not…at all 一点都不

  203 not…either 表否定,也不 eg : I don’t japanse either I don’t have sister, either 我也没有姐姐

  204 not…until 直到……才……

  eg: I didn’t sleep until my mother came back The child didn’t stop crying until I give her sugar

  205 offer / provide sb with sth 给某人提供

  206 offer sb sth ( offer sth to sb 提供什么东西给某人 eg : I offer you water (I offer water to you 我给你提供水

  207 on one’s way to… 在谁去那的路上

  208 on the one hand 一方面 on the other hand 另一方面

  209 on the phone = over the phone 用电话交谈

  210 on time 准时 in time 及时

  211 one day =some day =someday 一天,有一天

  212 one of +可数名词的复数形式

  213 one to another 一个到另一个

  214 over and over agin 一遍又一遍的 eg : He cleaned the floor over and over agin

  215 part-time job 兼职工作 fall-time job 全职工作

  216 pay for… 付……钱 pay the bill 开钱 ,付钱

  217 please +do

  218 please help yourself

  219 pleased with sb

  220 pool into = pore into

221 practice +doing 练习做某事

  222 prefer sth to sth 相对……更喜欢…… eg : I prefer physics to chemisty 在物理和化学中,我更喜欢物理

  prefer doing to sth 更喜欢去做…不愿意去做… eg: He prefers riding a bike to diving 他更喜欢骑自行车,不开小车

  prefer to do sth rather than do sth 宁愿做…也不愿

  eg: My unde prefers to buy a now car rather than repaiv the used one 我叔叔更喜欢买新的车,也不去修旧车

  prefer sb not to do sth 更愿意… eg: I prefer her not to come 我不喜欢她不来

  223 pretend to do sth 装着去做什么 pretend that 从句

  eg : The two cheats pretended to be working very hard 这两个骗子装着努力工作

  He pretended that he did not know the answer 他装着不知道答案

  224 rather…than 宁可……也不……

  eg : I would rather be a doctor than a teacher 我愿肯当医生,也不当老师

  He likes dogs rather than cats 他喜欢狗,不喜欢猫

  225 regard…as 把……当作……

  eg: Please give my best regards to your family 请带我向你的家人我最好的问候

  I regard you as my friend 我把你当作我的朋友

  He shows little regard for others 他不爱关心别人

  226 remid sb about sth 提醒某人什么事 remid sb to do sth 提醒某人做某事

  eg : he remids me about cooking (he remids me to cook 他提醒我做饭

  227 remid sb of sth 使某人想起什么

  eg : the pictures remind me of my school days 这照片使我想起了我的学校

  the words that (which) the teacher talke to remind me of my mother

  228 return sth to sb 还什么东西给某人

  229 say to oneself 对自己说

  230 say to sb 对某人说

  231 sb spend somemoney on sth 花了多少钱在某事上

  232 sb spend sometime with sb 花了多少时间陪谁

  233 sb spend sometime(in) doing sth 花了多少时间做某事

  234 sb with sb +is sb and sb +are

  235 see sb do 看见某人做过某事 see sb doing 看见某人正在做某事

  236 seem to do/be +adj 显得怎么样 eg : You seem to be tired You seem to be happy

  237 send +sb sth 送给某人某物

  238 send…to…把什么寄到哪里去?

  239 shock 使……震惊 eg : Oh , It’s only you ! You give me a shock 啊,是你呀!吓我一跳

  240 show sb sth 向某人展示某物 eg : I show her the book.

241 show sb sth = show sth to sb 拿什么东西给某人看 eg: Show me your pen Show your pen to me

  242 show sth to sb 向某人展示某物 eg : I show the book to her.

  243 some…others… 一些……另一些……

  244 start…with… 从……开始 begin…with… 从……开始

  245 stay away from 远离……

  eg : We’re told to stay away from the animals whe visiting the zoo 当我们参观zoo 时,我们要远离动物

  If you want to lose weight you’d better stay auay from the sweet food 徒工你想减肥,你最好远离甜食

  246 stop doing 停下正在做的事

  247 stop sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事

  248 stop sb(from) doing 阻止某人做某事

  249 stop to do 停下正在做的事去做下一件事

  250 such +名 这样 ,这种(本文来自网络)